There has been a death in your family?

Dear visitor,

the death of a loved one always means a turning point in the lives of the bereaved.

The pain of losing a family member often prevents clear thinking and yet always short-term decisions, the rapid completion of numerous formalities connected along time-consuming processes are required of the bereaved.

Our most important task is to help you and support you in every respect.

What to do in case of a death

  • If the death has taken place in an apartment, please notify the family doctor if possible or call for emergency medical attention. The doctor will then issue the official death certificate.
  • If the death has occurred at the hospital, in a nursing or retirement home, the respective agency will usually issue the death certificate.
  • Once you have called the doctor, you should contact us. We are there for you day and night can be contacted at(069) 656 011 52 or (0173) 413 147 6.

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Required documents

To initiate the necessary certifications at the registry office and possibly also at the respective consulates or embassies, the following original documents are required:

  • Medical death certificate
  • Identity card/ passport of the deceased
  • For unmarried persons and minors: Civil birth certificate
  • For married persons: Civil birth certificate and marriage certificate (pedigree, family book)
  • When widowed: Civil birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate of spouse
  • For divorcees: Civil birth certificate, marriage certificate and divorce decree with legal force memo
  • Grave deed (if a tomb already exists)

If you are missing some of these documents, then we will help you procure these.


We are here to help and support you

Our goal is to stand by you as the bereaved in all respects so that the deceased can be buried at the desired location in a respectful manner and in accordance with Islamic traditions and rituals.

For a traditional Islamic burial especially, special knowledge is required and the burial should be carried out according to fixed rituals. With qualified personnel, we make sure that this happens and take care of all administrative matters and the necessary documents.

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